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Meet Ali, a passionate artist born and raised in the vibrant city of Cologne, where he currently lives and works. Despite his German roots, Ali maintains a profound connection to his parents' hometowns of Iskenderun and Arsuz in Türkiye, finding inspiration in the rich culture and people of these places.

From a young age, Ali immersed himself in the world of art, spending hours drawing and painting. His fascination with mangas and animes led him to create his own illustrations, and his love for art only deepened as he excelled in art class, eventually winning an anime drawing contest in his youth.

Today, Ali's work is a reflection of his illustrative style, heavily influenced by his oriental background. He predominantly works with acrylics on large canvases, skillfully wielding a palette knife to create intricate abstract pieces, illustrative compositions, and captivating portraits. Beyond personal projects, Ali also dedicates his talent to commissioned works, showcasing the versatility of his artistic expression.

Ali's journey as an artist not only celebrates his artistic prowess but also serves as a bridge between his German upbringing and his cherished ties to Türkiye, creating a unique fusion in his creations that captivates audiences.
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